The History of Quantum Flux

Quantum Flux and the Virtual Intelligence Matrix project began at the end of the 1990's, as I was completing my PhD in Neuroscience. I was developing ideas about the nature of human consciousness and the origin of creativity, and with my longstanding interest in computer coding and design, was writing software based models to test these ideas out with. As an avid video gamer, this was also concurrent with the dawn of computer graphics, and games like Quake and Doom, and of course Tomb Raider were coming out. The ideal of a full 3D animated model in a game lead to the (perhaps) obvious fusion of the brain function model with an animated character (which looks old school now, but this was the era of the Tomb Raider games remember), and the Virtual Intelligence Matrix was born. Before the movie the Matrix came out btw...(!) This was also the era of screensavers - if you remember that one with fish swimming in a tank on your screen (that will never catch on, will it?), which were receiving thousands of downloads, so I released the VIM as a screensaver. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of downloads of the VIM, and many iterations of it and projects like VI Evolver, VI Wonder and others.
                In the years that followed an active and lively community developed on the Quantum Flux site, and I hope many people were encouraged to think outside the box about the nature of consciousness and thought. My own documentation of this, called "A Walk in the Forest" outlines many of my ideas on the subject. While these projects are now fused with my professional work, I still keep the way outside the box stuff for coding for fun. The internet has changed dramatically from the old days, and time is always scarce, but I released released the Android game Trap the Snake, part of a project with my kids. I am also now releasing a few apps for Garmin devices, again to teach coding and just for fun.
                So we will see what the future holds, but with the dramatic development of Deep Learning and machine intelligence of late, I am still working on projects to fuse these ideas and technologies together. Thanks for reading.